Job Vacancy.

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Seeking an extra special person to fulfill an extra special job.

Applicants must have the following skills.

Trustworthy. If you are not honest, my client will know and you will be immediately ineffective.

A sense of humor. You will need to ad lib hundreds of times a day. Often at a moments notice, or without notice at all. Bursting into a fun game or turning a potential meltdown trigger into a funny diversion is a skill that is vital to this role. The applicant must be able to transform into an animal or an imaginary character and immerse themselves in the role, sometimes for hours on end. Being able to laugh at the crazy day you have had is absolutely essential to ones own well being as well as my client.

The ability to take ones own personal judgement and feelings, out of the equation when interacting or recovering from an interaction from my client. To explain this further, you might want to trial having abuse or bad language thrown at you and seeing of you can overcome your own self and remain calm and non judgmental. If you can do this multiple times a day and even feel love and compassion whilst undesirable behavior or language is taking place, you defiantly have the job.

A keen interest in my clients chosen subject. Applicants must be willing to not only listen intently about the clients favorite subject, they must also be able to show genuine interest and excitement for sometimes years at a time. Sometimes my client will test you out of the blue to confirm you were actually listening, so getting answers wrong could lead to potential sacking. Mastering the art of using the favorite subject to help the client remain motivated and happy is vital to this role. On the job training will be provided.

A fit and healthy person who is not grumpy after very little sleep. Due to the intense nature of this role, there may be occasion when you have to deal with a lot of stress on little to no sleep. It is therefore expected that you will be able to recover immediately from lack of sleep or months of no support during difficult down times.

Being prepared to ditch plans at the last minute. My client likes to know what will be happening next and can become very overwhelmed from outside influences and unforeseen circumstances. For example, a certain plate not being clean or bread being buttered with the wrong knife. One must be prepared to ditch the friend they were with or the movie they were watching at a moments notice in order to ensure my client is happy and comfortable. This can have a negative effect on outside relationships, so having a good support network at such times is preferable to say the least.

A keen ear for hidden language barriers. My client requires a special speaking tone and total transparency. You could say that this job role requires you to alter most of how you speak. Offering a choice, using your best manners, speaking calmly and kindly is an absolute must for this role. If you tend to raise your voice, lose your temper, feel hard done by, take things personally, want to be in control or slip up when the raw truth is pointed out, then you may wish to re consider your application.

A thick skin when everything you ask of my client is met with a no, whether directly or in a very clever, round about way that sometimes you don’t even realize is happening. Being on the front line of the No, is jolly hard work indeed. My client cannot help saying no, so a lot of patience and creativity is needed on a daily basis. Extra bonuses will be given for applicants that can help my client achieve a yes.

Salary. Most of the people doing this role are unpaid in the traditional form. I can however assure you that the rewards for this job are plentiful. One is rewarded with knowing that they are helping a very special person be their authentic selves. When the skills for this job are highly developed, the satisfaction in knowing that you have grown and helped others to grow is actually priceless. Value is not seen in the dollars you earn, but the trust you earn. Value is found in the love that you feel and the wisdom you are able to share.

I do not want any other role than the one I am currently doing and I hope that this job offer can extend to all of those who are lucky enough to know someone with PDA.

Please send you CVs to the message box below and I will look forward to finding the successful applicants. xx


10 thoughts on “Job Vacancy.

    1. It just popped into my head when I was getting ready for bed the other night, those funny conversations I have with myself (bit mad) so I rushed through to my lap top and got it down before I went off to bed! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Brilliant, i have a similar version in the prologue of the book my daughter (diagnosed pda) and I are writing together. I quit my job and started the book so i used my something similar to this to describe my new job role. Brilliant,honest.


    1. Oh great Kim, Thats fab to write a book, I would love to, but I find completing a big task so overwhelming, hence blogging suites me better, I can achieve small bite size things! (I don’t think I’m pda!) Will you let me know when you have done your book, I’d love a copy. x


  2. I love this, it is so clever and so true of a day in our lives! Thank you. I agree this could be very useful to help others understand a day in the life of someone with PDA and there family 🙂 nice to know you’re not alone!


    1. aww, thanks so much! It helps to be able to laugh about things a bit, though I know how hard it can be in the moment. Truly though, when able to see the bigger picture, its all worth it eh. xx


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