Peace with PDA.


Hello friends, If you resonate with the topics I speak about on my blog, you will fall in love with my dear friend’s new blog, Peace with PDA, which I am promoting and linking here today.

I am privileged and honored to call Lindsay from Peace with PDA my friend. She has been a rock to me and has guided me to answer my own personal development questions in order to move ever closer to being as true and authentic as I am born to be. My gratitude to Lindsay and the wonderful work she does is ever lasting.

Lindsay has created a new website and blog to reach out to other parents of PDA who are looking for deep and spiritual meaning to the gift of parenthood. I invite you to take a look and join us in our community if you are serious about embracing change for the better and good of the whole. We can often feel isolated and misunderstood, but with a mutual respect for our children and each other, we can and are seeing big, positive shifts in belief and wellness.

Lindsay is a qualified teacher of EFT, which is a very simple and profound self help technique to release and let go of stress. EFT or Tapping, is also a window to discover deeper needs and callings. Lindsay can guide you as you go at your own pace . We can also model, encourage or surrogate tap for our kids.

I know in my heart that Lindsay is one of life’s genuine gems, motivated to help others, not for her own gain, but because she knows that we are all one, and when we help each other, we all benefit in so many more rewarding ways that singular gain. It is this attitude and ethos that will help our PDA children the most.

Please support Lindsay by joining her community and being the change that you want to see.


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