Re Blog: The differences between Asperger’s and PDA by The Learning Curve.

I’m re blogging a post from a fellow PDA Mum and friend of our PDA community. I think this post  clearly highlights the observed differences between Asperger’s Syndrome and PDA. It is thoughtfully written and drawn from personal experience from the writers  family members who hold these two close but different diagnosis.

Due to the infancy of PDA and the controversy around whether PDA is part of the autistic spectrum, there are no studies on this subject. Mum’s like myself and TLC are writing to offer advice and observation from everyday households.

This post is written with respect and permission from the family involved.

Please do them the honor of reading this really great blog and clicking follow to show your support.

I would also like to highly recommend  PDA bubble, whose writing is honest, heartfelt and very infectious. Please go to my blog role to click on through.

Without further ado.. drum role.. link to TLC.

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