A Poem.

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Once upon time, a tiny we girl

with wavy blonde hair, who could chat for the world,

said no to the grown ups and no to her Mum.

She said no to the teacher and no to the ones

who tried to tell her what she had to do,

what she would like and try something new.

The tiny wee girl charmed those she would meet,

with her cute bottom lip and stompy wee feet.

Sweet and articulate, she knew what was what.

How could this be for such a small dot?

Remembering things that most wouldn’t see,

delighting us all as we bounced on my knee.

The childish days passed and the little dot grew,

all along, somehow she knew,

what she wanted and what she did not,

always finding a way to get what she got.

Today she is older and suffers because

others expect her to do as she is told.

Teach her and mold her and tell her they say,

she needs to take responsibility to be Okay.

But what they don’t see is the reason she’s here,

to shine a mirror to, to help you clear

the years of conditions, the rules and the regs,

the ‘I’ll only love you if the hole fits the peg’.

Follow her lessons and you will see, responsibility is not her but me.

Those who will not be taught are not to be thrown.

They are the teachers and you are the clone.



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