Bobbing around in the waves of the ocean.

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I think of our life as a big ocean. I’m a drop in the ocean, bobbing around taking it all in. I’m part of the ocean, not separate from it, but my experience in the ocean is uniquely mine.

My family and my friends are drops in the ocean too and we bob around in the same part of the ocean as each other. We have all chosen this space to have our experiences and we need each other to continue living our lives and gaining our experiences that make us unique and connected.

The other drops effect my experiences and I effect the other drops. Sometimes the energy around us is so peaceful and comfortable. The sun shines on us and we feel warm and happy. The ocean is always moving but some days it feels wonderful like a huge warm bath wrapping around us and part of us. Other times it can feel cold and dark.

It can get choppy, changing the pleasant bobbing along into a bit of heart racer. I start to look around for my other family drops to help me. I don’t like feeling choppy. It’s unsettling and leads me to think things might get worse.

But the ocean has to have its cycles. It’s how it works. It won’t always stay calm and warm, or choppy and anxious. Sometimes it gets really intense and it’s energy starts to build up. The choppy water moves to angry water and my bobbing starts to feel out of control. The ocean is taking control and fighting it only seems to make me feel worse.

Suddenly things start to feel deep and I’m out of my depth, I’m not the one who is making the ocean do this, it’s not what I chose. My mind starts to fight and run away, thinking that I can stop the rough ocean which is now creating huge waves around me and I feel like I’m drowning in my own self.

I learn that in order to get the best outcome, I stop fighting against the strengthening currents that are pulling me in a different direction to what I think I need. I realize that when I soften my body and accept that the ocean needs to do this, I start to trust that the ocean has a plan for me and that it means me no harm.

I find my family drops and they ride the wave with me. They remind me that the wave will pass. They tell me that it’s much more comfortable to ride the wave with no resistance, than to fight the wave, which only has my best interests at heart. After all, it is part of me and I am part of it.

And soon, the storm passes, and soon the big brash waves settle down, it is then that I can once again float and bob and feel the sun shining down and reflecting the dancing beads of light. I remember my dark night, or the storm that lasted for days, or the months at sea that I had feeling alone and lost and powerless. I see that the ocean loves me and that my life is about learning to live in harmony with the tides and the cycles of the ocean. I am at peace.

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