Everything is Always Working out for Me.


Everything is always working out for me….

I wonder what reaction you have when you read this dear friend. Do you hear a voice that laughs and goes yeah right? Perhaps it says, how ridiculous. Maybe you think, I wish, but. Or is the best matra you have ever heard and one that lifts you from where you are to one of hope and happiness?

I cannot take claim to this statement, affirmation or whatever you feel you want to call it. It is part of the teaching of Abraham Hicks who help us to see that there is a universal force that offers everything we desire. A thing, an energy, the source of all creation. It has our back, it is us. It cannot be seen, touched, smelled tasted or heard. But it can be felt. It is a knowing. A law that governs us, explains us, is us. Not all of us are ready to hear about it, so turn away now or come along on the ride.

In the past few years, I have been through what I would call, a tough time. Not comparing to anyone else’s tough times with any kind of measure, the time I’ve had has been tough for me. It’s been challenging, sometimes dark, pushing me and pulling me in all directions with huge letting go, learning and enlightenment.

When my tough time started, seemingly out of nowhere and certainly not consciously planned, I quickly learned that within something that from the outside looked like I had no control over, was an opportunity to choose. I could chose to be a victim of my circumstance and fight my way through the injustices that I perceived. Or I could not swim against the current and instead go with what felt like the softest route out.

I was dealt saddening blows from the places and people I believed would help me and I turned away from the fire that raged within me, at the let downs I encountered. I turned them into my pathways to positivity.

If I had become aware of the statement Everything is always working out for me when  we first started our tough time, I’m not sure I would have believed it. I needed to do the hard yards to reach a satisfaction in the statement.  If some smart arse had of come to me and said, Mel, everything is always working out for you, when my daughter was screaming she wanted to die, when she was so ill she could not even recognize me, I most likely would have cried, or gone crazy and told them to fuck off. How dare they, can’t they see this really is not working out at all, not in the bloody slightest. What sort of a fucking statement is that! But now I see that our tough time, was where my greatest teachings were. My biggest expansion, my fasted route to knowing more. They were my accelerated training. My university. So you see, everything really was working out for me after all.

Today, I repeat the sentence over and over in my mind and as I do I feel so much gratitude for the experiences I have had in the past 5 years. The statement, said enough, becomes a belief. Beliefs are really just things we tell ourselves over and over enough to become real. I know for me, that I would much rather tell myself over and over that things are always working out for me than the opposite. Blimey imagine what you would draw to yourself if the second option was on replay. Said enough to believe, believed enough to be real, try it and see how you feel. See what you can draw to you. See how you feel even in the thick of a tough time, does it lighten your load? Does it give you comfort? Does it remind you that all things pass?

I know that if I never had anything I didn’t want, I would never know what I did want. If I never cried, I would never laugh. If I didn’t feel pain I would not feel relief. All of these things in this experience of human consciousness, are our markers, our opportunities, our reason for being here. I find so much comfort when in the hard moments of each day (trust me there are plenty) and within my dream elements of creating what I want in my future, I hear the words,

Everything is always working out for me. 

It really means that I can’t get anything wrong because even the things I try to push away, turn my back on, bury, ignore, explain away, feel awful about, are there to grow me and show me stuff for my own best interest. The only thing I need to do is believe and answer the question how? How is it working out for me?

As I write this, the world is opening to a very big change. I wonder a lot with my inquisitive self, where the origin of this creation came from. Were we all asking for this change? Did our souls cry out for so long that we have manifested this? Have we swung so far in one direction that we are swinging back now to regain momentum?

The pages are being written now. What we think now, what we dream now, will unfold in the pages of history so with this in mind, I’m going to imagine the most beautful stuff I possibly can. I hope in the coming blogs, I can bring you in on it too.

Thanks for reading. See you next time. 🙂

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