Feeling my way.


When I follow my feelings, I have an internal dialogue that goes like this.

Morning Mel.


How are you feeling this morning?

Hmm How am I feeling this morning? let me check in with myself….

Body scan with mind…

Hmm, I feel a bit tight here and there.

I wonder how the day go.

How would you like it to go?

I’d like it to be a great day but…

I have some negative thoughts going on that are a reaction to stuff that’s been going on and I can’t shake them. They are clinging on and making me feel a bit rubbish actually.

I think it’s going to be a reflective day today.

I need to take it easy and go with the flow.

I have some nagging thoughts coming up.

Let them come hon, what are they telling you?

I’m feeling discomfort, really yuk.

How are you going to make it better?

I’m going to tune in.

Don’t ignore it or pretend it’s not there, it will stay in your body.

I know. I know it’s telling me something and needs some love.

How can I soften it?

Tell it you say Hi and can hear it.

OK yep, I’m going to tune into the not so good feeling thoughts.

What do they really mean?

Don’t use your thinking mind. You will just magnify the hell out of it. It’s nothing to do with anyone else, just you.

Good point, over thinking just draws it closer. It will never be resolved if I try and find a solution with my thoughts. Or if I try to blame anyone else for how I’m feeling.

Close you eyes.

Feel it.

What does the other voice say? Is it offering some hidden reasons that you hadn’t thought of?


Wozers, it’s linking me in with all sorts of memories and feelings, I’m beginning to hear it’s message and understand why I’m feeling this way.

Cool. Keep going. Give it some love. Meet it where it is with no judgement.

Hi thing, hi reason that thought it was protecting me from harm. I see you. Thanks for coming up.

Nice one, doesn’t feel so iccky now does it?

No, I’m feeling some tears coming here, ready to wash it away with thanks.

Feeling it move?


Feeling better?



Feel like focusing on something nice?


What do you love right now?

All sorts.

Can you see them, do they make you feel smiley?


Cool, go and have a nice day my friend.





4 thoughts on “Feeling my way.

  1. Wow, that’s very powerful. Thank you! I’m aware I often shy away from acknowledging my feelings inwardly because I find it too uncomfortable (for which, read painful, distressing, vulnerable).

    Yet I’m quick to encourage others to acknowledge and accept their feelings, precisely for the result that you indicate above. Note to self!! And I hope the rest of your day works out okay x


    1. Always easier to say than do for sure. But with practice, it becomes much easier and eventually part of normal self dialogue throughout the day. Applying it to situations and interactions with others really does help sift through the emotions that can hold us up from where we want to be. Thanks so much for your message. x


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