Choosing a higher vibration than hate. The killing of George Floyd.

I want to talk about the recent murder that is in the news at the moment and whose ripple effects have caused an outpouring of… more upset, hate, anger, despair, seperation, division, argument and destruction.

Having just put a comment on a facebook discussion on this highly emotional topic, I felt the best place to place my feelings and opinion was here, on my own blog.

Understandably, the killing of any human being stirs up, to the majority of humans, deep desperate and damming feelings and emotions. Quite so.

I see though, a continuation of the very energy that the crime came from,  being repeated in the response to the crime. Many have come out in protest, to stand up and say no, fed up with the same patterns and bringing forth generations and generations of feelings that have never been resloved.

Media have instantly headlined this crime as ‘Black man killed by white man’. The entire onus of the’ race hate’ crime is set to stir us with reason and blame. Colour, race, history, racism, hate, and so it goes on. A few key headline words to stir and provoke, yet more disgust and outrage at negative ends of the human emotional scale.

Mirroring and attracting just more of the same.

We have known for quite some time now that race hate is not OK. It’s never been OK and will never be OK. It is barbaric and shameful and needs to be eliminated from human consciousness. History has got us to where we are now. Turning back to see why is not going to excuse anything, or change the future.

If we really want to change, we need to stop.

Just stop right there.

If the hate crimes continue after riots, discussions,  protests, re educating, inclusion and not Ok schemes, then what are we not doing?

If it’s not changing, then we need to ask one simple question.


The answer, I believe is ascension.

Think about how you are reacting. Are you joining the feeling of outrage, anger, disgust and protest? Or are you able to think beyond what the percieved reality is telling you?

We can stay more of the same by continuing the circle and energy of low vibration, low emotions, dark emotions, division among friends when we all grapple to be heard, that only serves to tell us something is wrong. Or we can chose to move away from that which keeps us low and rise higher, above and beyond that which is dark and painful.

Some might call it, The Awakening.

The press have jumped all over this with grabbing, provoking words they know will keep you outraged. People who are good and kind, wanting to show their own dismay by reacting in feelings of unity against bad.

But here’s the thing. Being against bad is still locking into the energy of bad. Thinking about how awful something is does not make the awful thing Ok, it just magnifies the awful.

I am not for one moment saying don’t feel really shitty about this. Of course we feel it. We feel it with every fiber of our being. Hurting another. My god, killing another, is ourselves, we feel it. On a very deep level indeed and this is why we see such strong reactions.

But going round repeating this pattern is not going to rise us as humans out of this war, killing, hating state. We need to break the cycle. Just as our children come in pure and good with answers and pure, positive love. We as the grown ups need to learn to uncondition ourselves to a higher realm. One life can make a huge ripple. Just as the death of this poor soul has caused attention and outrage. Let’s honor life with making a change. Not by more of the same but by completely switching gear.

This is not about black and white. This about another opportunity, crying out for change. Will we take it, or will this just be another hideous murder to go down in the history books until the next one?

Pan out. Take a look. Imagine you are a telescope getting further away from the situation you can see before you. Can you see some air around your problem? Can you begin to ask questions? Can you see that the details are not what you should be focusing on? Can you begin to find forgiveness? Can you ask yourself why you are feeling such emotions? Can you find a way of transcending? Of letting go the feelings you are having because the opposite feels so wrong at this time?

There is much work to be done here. Discussion time is over. Rioting time is over. Thinking brain is not gonna solve this.

Higher self can solve this. We just need to learn how to access that and be really Ok with it.

We have a choice in every situation we find ourselves in. Individually we can become collective. The world has been coming together for many years now, yet there are so many divides my head spins. We know we all want to be included, accepted, heard and loved. Our souls weep to be together. That’s a given.

Yet we know this is still not happening as we would like it to.

Mankind has never seen such an acceleration of knowledge and development . I hear the cries for oneness. I feel the tears of separation.  The more we yearn for love, the deeper the hurt when it feels so far away.

I will leave you with this one last thought.

Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Do you want to attract love or sadness? I know we are all, even those who commit heinous crimes, searching for the one thing, the one true thing that is in each and every one of us.


This is dedicated to George Floyd and all of us who hear the cries for change.



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