Choosday 22.2.22 Mirror image, we can go either way.

My gosh, I’m so hooked into this I literally do not know if I’m coming or going. Yesterday the date opened up huge energies and potential for the new world. We have a choice between stepping into love, or letting the door close to the dark. It really does feel like it can go either way. From the friends and loved ones around me, to the leaders of the world, which way is it going to go? Or will we separate into 2 different, co existing realities? Or have we already done that? Are we living in 2 paradigms and could that be the answer as to why each side just cannot fathom the other?

Predictions for this year were that it would be dramatic, with surprises, quick paced and ever more strange. We are only in our second month, and from where I’m sitting, these predictions are in full swing, literally full swing.

More clarifying accounts of our freedom stand at parliament in this mornings news. You honestly could not make it up.

Every time I feel despair, a few moments later something wonderful happens. Can you feel the buzz? Can you stay in that feeling? The anticipation, like being at a sports event, waiting for that woosh of victory. Only I don’t think this should be about winners and loosers. I think thats where we go wrong as humans, the ego steps in, digs in its heels, one has to win, one has to loose. How about we reframe the thoughts entirely and understand the feelings we are having are not something to be used as a measure of success or failure, but instead an opportunity to create the future we want. The moment of woosh that comes with winning a game or an argument fades and is sought again, can instead be harnessed as a vibration and set the stage for the high vibe we want to live in.

Whats happening at the moment is no accident. It is the accumulation of centuries of experiences, hopes, dreams, fears and failures. Life in the future, is a response to the vibrations in the now. The more we stay in love, in gratitude, in excitement, the more that future will manifest for us. Now is the time to stay in the high. It is really as simple as that. A skill to master, starting with each and every one of us on a personal level.

Have you infected someone with positivity today or not so much? Close you eyes and look into you heart. Is it heavy with the past? Is it peaceful in the now? Is it frightened? Connect in with your heart. We are all born with divine light. We can choose to build on love. The sytems that are not built from love cannot survive if we tip the scales. Right now, in this portal, we can tip either way.

Which way do you choose? I choose love.

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