Self care, Group care, re Group?

If there is one thing I’ve learnt on my own life journey, it is that progress is never linear. There is always going to be turbulence. There is always going to be learning and expansion usually comes from hardship.

The last 2 weeks of fighting for freedoms have been amazing to watch. But as the saying goes, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette . It is of course naïve to think that there are only going to be peaceful, beautiful people standing for freedom and that there wont be anyone in the crowd whose tactics are unsavory. Its also naïve to believe that there wont be some underhand strategies to tarnish all with one ugly brush. This whole situation sprung from underhand manipulation and its not just going to stop, everyone pack up and go home happily ever after.

Over in Canada, where the spark of hope was ignited, the leader has shown his darkness and the people, his people, have graciously retreated from the dangers that were occurring on the ground. This is not to say there are winners and looser at this point. Just to say that darkness wont be met with darkness, so as far as I can see (and remember, I’m just a regular mum) this is the best thing to do to stay safe and rise above the dark. I don’t know if this has ever happened before with peaceful protests, I might do some research about that and do another post on past situations that we can perhaps learn from.

Anyway, I have a really good bullshit detector. That’s my only claim to any opinion I make. I’m not educated to a high level. I don’t have the skill to data analyze, fact check, or even hold my own in a history discussion, so fingers crossed, the thought police don’t freeze my bank account or arrest me for my humble opinions that I find therapy for myself in tapping out on my little blog. The way I’m seeing things is this, those on the side of love and light (me) must be prepared that the dark side, a lot of the ones in power at the very top, have got a lot of strategies up their sleeves.

Its is so easy to bend and weave the pictures that the general public see to the advantage of the dark. Today, the wonderful work the freedom fighters have done, is taking some heavy knocks due to the news that there have been really nasty stuff happening from the ‘protestors’. I hate that word by the way. They, the light workers, need to be called light workers. Words are so powerful, so loaded, so image inducing, so subconsciously weaponized.

Stay awake. Stay aware. How are you feeling? Are you easily swung? Were you in agreement before you heard unsavory reports? Could those happenings have been planted for that every reason?

Question everything. Even the views you think are all rosy. Rose coloured glasses can be just as tricky as clear ones.

If our group has to pull back, or quit while they are still ahead, then in my opinion, that is still a win. Whats been shown, the rising of the vibration, the energy shifts, cannot be taken away. If pulling back and re energizing is needed, as in Canada, then do so. A bit like on a personal level, self care is paramount to stay grounded and focused. The intensity and adrenalin at camp freedom will be draining. Maybe the buying of time is part of the wear them down strategy? Granted, a lot have come and more arrived, but for some, it must be very tiring, and no one is at their best if they are tired. Just saying.

The one thing, at the moment anyway, that the dark side cannot take away, is that in adversity, great new ness can emerge. In times of trouble, people get real. In numbers based in love, co creation is at its best.

Make no mistake, we are in times of huge change. This is a turning point in mans history. We are tiny specs in the great, infinite universe. Pick a side. Light or dark. I know which one I’m on.

Dont be afraid of the dark. Hold your light and do not let your flame extinguish. Times may well get very much darker than they are now, and this is what many fear and can feel on the horizon. How we whether the storm will lead to how we come out when that great storm passes. And it will. It always does. And love, well, love always wins.

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