Quick update.

WordPress have just let me know that I’ve reached 6 years with this blog. It’s certainly not been a boring 6 years that’s for sure. I’ve loved telling my thoughts and our story and it’s good to look back on the years. Some have been more quiet writing wise, as life dips down and rises again, looking back enables me to see how my daughter and I have grown through our lives.

In my last post I wrote about college starting. The first week was wonderful and really enjoyable. The creative process and intros were great and she was thrilled to stand up and present her work from the week. But after a week of intense inner work, managing OCD and PDA, my darling has decided she is not going to be able to continue. I cannot lie and say I wasn’t disappointed for her, but as Mum, I knew that pushing her to try and carry on would be detrimental to her wellbeing. I had to trust and respect her wishes. Some things just do not work for her and that being the demand of time, the expectation of turning up every day, the intense environment of a classroom with other students and being told what to learn and do. Too much.

My hope was that now she is older, and had had an amazing run of good mental health, it not being school and something she loves so much, that we had good foundations. We gave it a go. Her path will be something else. She has her own art studio here at home and is creating some amazing art, costumes, models. We say no to nothing and in there she can be truly free, choosing her hours, experimenting with what she wants and teaching herself. This is where true creativity thrives for her and we will continue to support her in that for as long as she wants. It might be that she starts her own business or finds work where she can be flexible.

The experience of college, all be it a week, has shown us a lot and reminded us of what we already knew. PDA needs to be free and OCD needs not to be triggered.

Med wise, we have decided to stabilize for a while longer as the withdrawal was perhaps going a little fast for her. We need to take stock and settle. I will write again in a while. Thanks for reading. x

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